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Biyang Sound electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2000. It is with no doubt the proven leader in developing and producing Guitar Effects Pedals,Tube Amplifiers and Guitar Related Accessories in entire Asia. With over 10 years expirience, Biyang products has been considered the standard of excellence in the industry. The reputation was earned by providing the best quality products at the most affordable price.

Take for example the Guitar Effects Pedals. This product range consists of more than 40 different models. Every single one undergoes the strict quality control ensuring supreme quality performance, using Boutique components like German-made "WIMA" capacitors, "True-Bypass" switches, High-Accuracy Resistors, double-sided PCBs and stable S-006/6F22 9V power supplies. These components are standard parts in BIYANG products and are used only for highly-professional gear.

"Wangs" is a new tube ampfilier brand under Biyang. For years of researching and developing by top engineers in China, now powerfully launched to the market. Featured the two-channel design of CLEAN and OVERDRIVE and 4-band separate EQ controls, "Wangs" can perfectly meet your adjusting needs, meanwhile, the best electronic components and the 12AX7 and EL34 tubes which are built in our unique circuitry also makes the CLEAN channel more springy and OVERDIRVE more powerful. Plus the well-famed Celestion V30 speakers in 18MM birth plywood makes Wangs absolutely your best choice!


Biyang Electronics

René Meulmeester Gitaarspecialist is sinds 2014 officieel distributeur van Biyang en Wangs producten voor Nederland en Belgie.

Wij zijn gevestigd in Gorinchem, Zuid Holland. Bezoek op afspraak.

De online store is 24/7 beschikbaar.

Over the world...


Biyang products are available all over the world.

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What customers say...

Biyang pedals will surely fool you in a blind test with pedals costing 3 times as much. The Biyang Tri Reverb and the Overdrive pedals sound better than so many boutique pedals. Word is now getting out, and people who've tried them give rave reviews. If they had picked a better sounding company name they'd be bigger than god.


I am thrilled with this box. It is very easy to get it sound good! It is always in my effects chain. This box and the TS-9 are like colouring pensils to me, they just colour the sound in for me leaving the original tone of the guitar/amp intact.