Biyang AD-7 Analog Delay

Biyang AD-7 Analog Delay, single chip uitvoering
€ 55,00

The ToneFancier series of pedals are made with a stainless steel case. They and be powered by either a 9V battery or by and AC adaptor (sold separately, or you can use any power supply that's compatible with BOSS PSA pedals). Each pedal is made using German made WIMA capacitors which ensures a fast and very low loss signal transfer (not often seen in general effects pedals).

Strong Enclosure

Biyang also use only metal, dust proof sealed pots for long life. All pedals feature a True Bypass design making sure there is no loss of tone when the effect is off. Biyang are so confident in the quality of their pedals they offer a free 5 year warranty. The AD-7 is an analog delay effect with two delay modes, 20-600ms and 20-1100ms.


Super Material

All the Tonefancier series pedals adopt double-sided printed circuit board which greatly improve the stability of products.Being responsible of smoothly transferring every beautiful note, capacitance is an indispensable component of each effect. Every product of Tonefancier series adopts the WIMA capacitance from Germany which is with the forte --fast speed and low loss,thereby ensuring the pure timbre, yet its price is 10 times higher than the general capacitance, which is even hard to be seen in the general effects pedals. All the Tonefancier pedals are seal designed dustproof potentiometer to ensure its life and first-rate electronic components.

Biyang Electronics

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What customers say...

Biyang pedals will surely fool you in a blind test with pedals costing 3 times as much. The Biyang Tri Reverb and the Overdrive pedals sound better than so many boutique pedals. Word is now getting out, and people who've tried them give rave reviews. If they had picked a better sounding company name they'd be bigger than god.


I am thrilled with this box. It is very easy to get it sound good! It is always in my effects chain. This box and the TS-9 are like colouring pensils to me, they just colour the sound in for me leaving the original tone of the guitar/amp intact.